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Diagnostics and Reset

 Clear Mobile Auto Scan is designed from the ground up to provide advanced diagnostics and reset services, allowing you to get your customers' vehicles turned around quickly.

ADAS Calibration

Our technicians are I-CAR certified to ensure we can accurately calibrate the majority of today's most advanced driver-assistance systems.  We use the latest hardware and software technology to give you best-in-class service.

A/C Systems 

Our expert technicians are EPA Section 609 certified, ensuring the highest quality diagnostics, testing, recovery, and recharge of today's 1234YF systems.


If your customer's airbag has deployed, it's important to have it reset or replaced. Our technicians can quickly diagnose and repair any airbag issues to get your customers' cars safely back on the road.


Armed with hundreds of thousands of interactive wiring diagrams, our expert technicians can quickly diagnose and repair electrical systems on nearly all makes and models.


Safety is our top priority at Clear Mobile Auto Scan. We offer seatbelt repair and replacement services to ensure your customers' car's safety features are functioning properly.

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